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In Lithuania open discussions about sexuality and sexual orientation are still controversial. It is the most sensitive issue in many societies. However, it is necessary to talk about it. In particular due to the fact that sexual identity, emotions about that are characterized each of person. Also, the public welfare is dependent on the welfare, security and respect of each person.

The main feature of Western culture is humanity and human’s assessment. States in the West live for person, according the rule “it is all about you”. The purpose of state is to serve to the people, to take care of one’s security, welfare and to hear one’s opinion. Consequently, it is necessary to follow the democratic values and human rights, whether the hatred for homosexuals shows the lack of awareness of human rights. Tradicionally, in Western culture, homosexual acts were condemned and punished. On the other hand, the legislation of many countries prospects the rights of homosexuals, but lesbians and gays often face with discrimination. (more…)


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